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It has been revealed that some of a persons behavior and mental activity is influenced by natural cycles that are regular and to a degree predictable.

These cycles can be mapped weekly and monthly. The model being investigated is based on the mental states relating to: creative/sexual, conquest/power, and spiritual, with special attention to intellectual, emotional, and physical energy. The clock used to map these states and energies is the Moon cycle.

This is a form of personal astrology. The one who can make the discoveries and the predications is the individual who will be most affected by the knowledge.

How to use this information

Each individual should find their own best use of this information. Some of the possible uses of this knowledge could be to plan your work schedule so that you will get the most benefit from the work you do by working in harmony with your own energy and mental states. This is done by planning to do work that complement the energy and mental states that will be strongest for certain days or weeks. If you have a job or passion that involves creativity, plan to intensely pursue these during your creative/sexual state. If you need to do corporate battle, plan to intensely pursue these goals during your conquest/power state.

Also the knowledge that you are approaching a certain state can make it so that you can tolerate or effectively deal with negative (?) emotions caused by that state. Such as the desire for a sexual partner when none are available or when your mate is not available.

A persons search for their own cycles can be rewarding and it's easy. All you need to do is keep a very simple journal, writing in a calendar with the phases of the Moon will do nicely. Track your own behavior and mental states. After a few months you should be able to predict when you will be in your strongest mental states.


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